Key Benefits Of Using Mobile Learning For Employee Training
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Key Benefits Of Using Mobile Learning For Employee Training

Today, companies are creating mobile-based training programs to help their employees learn in a more personalised way. They are utilising mobile learning to boost employees’ productivity and performance for the desired business growth. As smart devices have become omnipresent in the workplace, organisations are leveraging this trend to offer an on-the-go learning experience backed by better engagement and high knowledge retention.

Factors driving the growth of mobile learning

The ability to learn virtually anywhere, anytime is the main characteristic of mLearning. This flexibility motivates employees to get adjusted to mobile-based training more quickly. Also, new-age learners prefer short and engaging content to stay focused on their learning goals. They want to learn things through interactive methods like audio-video, gamification as well as bite-sized content or microlearning. A training program having all these elements helps organisations to deliver a personalised and adaptive learning experience on a mobile platform.

Key benefits of mobile learning:

Flexibility of learning

Many times, it is quite challenging to gather all your employees in the same place at the same time. Mobile learning offers the utmost flexibility by eradicating the need for learners to be present at a particular time and place. They can access the learning content anywhere, anytime on the device of their choice. Also, mobile devices improve this learning flexibility further by offering the training content in multimedia formats such as videos, podcasts, PDFs, presentations, and game-based learning etc.

High knowledge retention

mLearning enables you to deliver the training in a bite-sized, concise, and interactive content. It allows you to highlight one aspect at a time so that employees can learn more efficiently with a specific goal in mind for better knowledge retention. Also, as the attention span of mobile users is short, bite-sized learning nuggets help to engage learners via a small burst of relevant information. M-learning works in sync with the device usage habits and learning patterns of employees,which results in higher rates of retention.

High engagement rate

A mobile learning app lets learners perform various customisations like creating a personal user profile, uploading photos & videos, and personalising their profile photo for leaderboards or games. This personalised approach motivates the learners to interact with the training program more frequently, which ensures a high engagement rate. Therefore, by including personalisation into your mobile training strategy, you can cater to the specific needs of your learners and motivate them to be more self-driven in their learning.

Better Performance

At the workplace, employees prefer learning methods that do not disrupt their daily routine. They like to search and retrieve just-in-time information that can help them to perform their job better. Mobile learning makes information available easily on their personal mobile devices, thus elevating their overall learning experience. This results in adopting and practising a learning habit that yields higher quality of job performance.


Mobile learning is gaining traction as a results-driven corporate strategy that allows employees to enjoy learning with the desired flexibility. It is helping organisations to add new capabilities in their learning architecture to improve productivity and performance in the workplace. Therefore, if implemented correctly with all the right tools and processes, mobile learning can increase the ROI of an employee training program and boost your business growth.

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