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Why the time is right for WebXR Content

What Is WebXR Content?

This technology, formerly known as the WebXR Device API, enables web technologies—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—to be compatible with XR. It serves as a gateway to immersive learning and is assisting L&D innovators in expanding access to excellent immersive learning and skill-building opportunities.

WebXR – the gateway to immersive learning.

WebXR experiences are kept on a server, much like any other website or online application, in contrast to native VR programs, which must be downloaded and installed on a VR headset.

This implies that a desktop or laptop computer, along with a VR headset, can be used to access WebXR learning activities. Purchasing thousands of VR headsets at once is not necessary because your company may progressively increase its hardware plan while still allowing your whole learning audience to benefit from immersion.

WebXR learning solutions may exist in and launch from your LMS, and they can exchange useful learner data between them because to developments in cloud services.

The best part is that WebXR experiences enable us to expand access to previously unavailable high-quality immersive learning opportunities and valuable skills.

Why Now? Why This Is The Right Time For WebXR Content?

We have been using WebXR for research and development for around five years now. Why then are we just now making its debut?

We’ll refer to it as convergence. Learners and technology are combining in a rare time of alignment, similar to a solar eclipse. The two primary forces for this potent union are as follows:

Continuous Evolution of Learners

  • Our work and personal lives now overlap more as a result of hybrid work. Efficiency and flexibility are of the utmost importance to us. We want to be able to obtain information fast and as needed while going about our daily lives and jobs.
  • However, we also have nostalgia for a few parts of the working days. How might technology help us strike a balance between our need for in-person social interactions and working remotely?
  • The emerging workforce of digital natives finds current kinds of media to be significantly less effective. They anticipate learning that is immersive, technology-driven, and discovery-based; L&D executives are rising to the occasion by offering more audacious, inventive, and daring solutions with outstanding LX.
  • With job mobility at an all-time high, companies are putting a renewed emphasis on skill acquisition and LX in order to meet the challenge of talent retention. Astute leaders are aware [3] that companies that invest in their employees retain them.

Matured Technology

  • Many technologies had been developing and maturing independently up until this point. These days, they’re starting to come together and support one another, which makes it possible for us to develop learning solutions that are more creative and integrated than before.
  • Significant developments in cloud services have made it possible to scale and modify content to meet learner demand, integrate various web services, and customize content to meet specific needs.
  • Broadband technologies are developing quickly, speeding up internet connections and providing students with richer, more dynamic 3D environments that load quickly.
  • Technological developments in internet browsers enable the delivery of more sophisticated immersive experiences—all without the need to download additional applications.
  • Lastly, learning innovators can now create 360° immersive experiences that can be accessed on a desktop computer or VR headset thanks to WebXR, a relatively new technology.


Discover why the WebXR LMS Integration Tool’s superpowers in data analytics make that not a deal breaker. A partner in immersive learning ought to be more than just a supplier of shiny objects. This is how Shezartech works with you to create an immersive learning portfolio that is aligned with the overall learning and business strategy of your company.