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Content Development

We at Shezartech believe that content is everything when it comes to education. Other aspects of teaching such as presentation and verbal explanation matter too but nothing can substitute quality content. So, we always strive to ensure that our content is rich in quality.

Shezartech always takes care of the following things:


We believe that learning material must have an attractive look and feel. A very informative and comprehensive content that is not presented nicely does not go down well with learners. Shezar understands that aesthetics matter too. Content’s aesthetics is the first things that learners notice. Content must create a good first impression that encourages learns to explore more.


Shezartech always makes sure that every frame of video and line of text of content provides new information to viewers. Developed content must cover all the required aspects of the topic. We ensure that content that we develop shades sufficient light on the topic covered so that it’s all the aspects are covered. We are very vigilant about avoiding information redundancy as well.


We always make it a point to ensure that our content remains accessible and compatible with a majority of the devices. All the technical aspects of content are checked from the compatibility and accessibility point of views. Shezartech also ensures that content would work in an offline mode, eliminating dependency on the internet.

Types of Content Development

Shezartech understands that no one type of content is best suited for all the situations. Type of content varies as per the subject domain, too. For example, geography is best understood by referring to maps. Learning languages does not need visual elements that much. We offer three types of content to ensure our product is always a good fit.


We develop content for learning management systems. The content is compatible with all the mainstream browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. We take care that our content is SCORM compliant. Thereby, we ensure that integrating our content into different LMS platforms is never an issue for our clients.


We develop content for classroom training programs, as well. ILT content is usually developed in the form of power-point presentations. Apart from that, we create material for faculties and learners too. Faculty guides provide guidelines to teachers about what aspects of the topic to cover and how to do so. Student handouts provide necessary instructions to students (if any), along with acting as a workbook.


Shezartech develops microlearning content, too. Generally, microlearning content is developed for topics that learners need to refer on the go. Typically, topics like standard procedures and working principles are covered in microlearning videos. Duration of this type of media ranges between one to three minutes.

Gamified Content

Today’s young generations have grown up playing games. Naturally, they like it when their learning content consists of games. Shezartech has carved a niche for itself as a gamified content developer. Shezartech develops games that range from creating a simple puzzle to games that give immersive experience.

Development Process

Shezartech follows a systematic approach for developing content. The process is designed to ensure that no communication gap or misunderstanding issue arises. Shezartech seeks clients’ approval after each stage of the content development to ensure it is producing exactly what its clients want.

Group 1

Raw Content Analysis

Shezartech analyses raw content/information shared by clients. Discussions are held with clients whenever there are any doubts. Things like technical aspects and operational procedures are given special attention, to get absolute clarity about those.

Group 1 copy

Design Documentation

Shezartech’s team creates design documents as per the understanding built upon analyzing the raw content/information shared by clients. The documents reflect Shezar’s understanding of the subject matter, and also provide a high-level idea about how it plans to create content. The same is sent to clients for approval.

Group 1 copy 2


Storyboard creation starts post client signoff on the design document. Storyboards provide detailed information about the content that would be created. Storyboards provide in-depth information about each frame of a video, PPT slide, or paragraph of text. It tells which components would be used, for what topics they would be used, how users would interact. Storyboards provide statistics such as the duration of each frame, slide and the overall duration of each module. The storyboard is sent to the client for approval.

Group 1 copy 3

Assets Creation and Integration

All the elements required for creating the content are manufactured in this phase. Elements involve sketches, character animations, texts, user-interaction elements, etc. Apart from creation, the position of the elements in video frames is decided, as well.

Creating the actual content is the next step. All the created elements are placed as per the design layout, the content gets created frame by frame. Once done, the manufactured content is sent across to clients.

Group 1 copy 4

Feedback and Fixes

We ask our clients to provide detailed feedback on the delivered content. Any doubts, queries that arise are solved. Issues that clients mention are fixed, and the updated content is delivered. The entire procedure is repeated for one more time, concluding with the final delivery.

Case Studies

Mahindra Be-Live

A corporate training app with social engagement feature and eLearning solutions. Users can access the learning modules in SCORM, video, and audio format and can engage in social learning with their colleagues.

Mahindra DSS

An on-site service app for tractor owners to connect with mechanics in their area for repair and maintenance work.

Mahindra e-catalogue

An e-catalogue app for dealers and distributors to search and buy the specific part of a vehicle. The main stakeholders of the system include dealer or distributor as user and OEM provider as admin of the app.

Godrej Salon-i

A mobile learning app to deliver online training by using gamified solutions and multimedia content. We customised web-based LMS into a mobile app to enable users to access learning courses on the go.

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