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Hybrid Technology for the Development of Mobile Application for Business Needs

Hybrid Technology for the Development of Mobile Application for Business Needs

Mobile Apps today have become a necessary tool in today’s market scenario where corporates are  making a beeline to create apps to facilitate their sales, operations and production process and in general creating solutions that is helping to make their lives simple.

Also for the Enterprise users, who are changing their legacy system  there is  a constant search to find platforms that can steadily replace or modernize  their current application  and make their employees more productive and happier.

To cater to these needs, there are many factors that a developer needs to consider while deciding the platform but the primary factor most of the time is the cost of development of these mobile applications and while evaluating  the cost one needs to consider the following factors:

  1. Does this application needs to be in android only or the target audience is present in multiple platforms – viz Android, IOs and Windows ?
  2. What would be the charges to be expected for the support and maintenance of the app ?
  3. What kind of resources are needed to create these applications?
  4. What is the complexity that the app is expected to handle?
  5. What would be the time and cost expected to be incurred while making updates to these mobile application?

When we consider all these factors , we observed that in the past few years the cost of native mobile application development has been spiralling out of control as compared to hybrid applications such as the Ionic framework. We would like to highlight some of the advantages that you may benefit from a hybrid application ;

  1. Portability ( one code used in multiple platforms)
  2. Accessibility to various hardware / software ( simply through plugins)
  3. Cheaper origination costs
  4. Resource cost is reduced as a single engineer can handle multiple builds
  5. Rapid application development

Therefore while considering a faster and a cheaper option , we suggest you evaluate  hybrid applications such as Ionic and Phonegap and take a call.

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