Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Shezartech is one of the most trusted enterprise class LMS providers and customisation partners in India. We take a keen interest in  understanding the clients’ needs of making the Learning Management System (LMS) and create customized solutions as the client wants it .

Organizations count on us for customizations and Up gradation of various Open Source LMS  – be it Moodle, Coursesites, Sakai, Dokeos, Schoology, Totara, E-front and more.

In the past we have customised both server based and cloud-based LMS that has helped organisations to train their employees with a desired speed and uniformity by taking advantage of online learning mode of education..

Some of our LMS related services include:

  1. Plugin Development for implementing custom functionalities and making it powerful and intuitive LMS
  2. Making your existing LMS Mobile ready ( iOS / Android) to introduce Mobile learning in your organisation
  3. Customized Reporting and generation of Visual Reports
  4. Specific up-gradation in the current learning management system
  5. Addition of Features like – Webinars , Virtual conferencing
  6. Implementation of Learning Analytics onto the current platform which is Simple and has comprehensible analytics about everything that happens inside organisation’s elearning environment
  7. LMS data migration
  8. Leader board and other Gamification features in the existing LMS
  9. social and eCommerce features
  10. Salesforce integration with LMS
  11. Implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) that fits extended learning enterprise of your organisation.

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