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What is open source LMS?

What is open source LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) helps organisations create, track, and manage their learning and training programs. An open source LMS is free to use and customise—unlike proprietary LMS that has restrictive copyright licenses and forbids you to change its source code to improve the design. An open source LMS can be modified to make it suitable for your usage. This method is called LMS customisation and development.

So, there are two kinds of LMS:

  1. Open source LMS – Free
  2. Proprietary LMS – Sold as user per license or a one-time sale

Benefits of open source LMS

· No per user license cost

It is available for free especially its basic version. You can download the source code for free and install it on your own servers.

· Unlimited Users

It can be scaled to a large number of users without incurring any license cost.

· Customisation

it offers the flexibility of customising the design and add new features as per your need.


Why customise LMS?

 It is noteworthy that a customised open source LMS is a more popular choice in the industry. An open source LMS solution means that if your user base grows, the LMS can grow with them, it can be tailored to support the requirements of a growing organisation.

Courses can be designed as per the learning goals, even according to specific quarterly targets or departmental needs. From navigation to design, you can have full control over the content and functionalities of features.


Key points to consider while customising an LMS

  • Make a detailed document of your LMS requirement
  • Involve all key stakeholders in deciding your LMS requirements
  • Customise the theme as per your company branding style
  • Declutter the theme by removing unusable features
  • Create custom roles as per your organisational needs
  • Modify user profile fields (add or delete)
  • Make it user-friendly
  • Decide report formats for dashboards
  • Certificate templates need to be designed
  • Create own user manual


FEATURES Open source LMS Proprietary LMS










Meets organizational requirement


Medium / low

Vendor support






Per-user license renewal cost



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